Field of Grace

A field of grace is somewhere you can go in your mind and quiet the chaos of the sin filled world we live in today. It is somewhere you can go and feel the love of God.  You can feel your body relax and a smile comes to your face. 

 My Field of Grace:

My time of refreshment is really good. I begin with my wife handing me a bag of fresh, still warm hot water cornbread and a container filled with freshly cooked purple hull peas and rice. I grab two waters and a sprite and put all of these things in a backpack. Then I grab my Bible and place it in the backpack. After giving my wife and children a big hug and a kiss. I take a walk about 2 miles away from everything. I find a big open field with a huge beautiful tree right in the middle of this perfectly cut grass field with some yellow daisies to the left side of the tree. This tree is around  150 years old and at the base of this beautiful tree is a perfect spot to sit down and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. There is a small gentle breeze flowing in the coolness of the shade under the tree. As I sit down I take a deep breath, close my eyes, and thank God for this place of peace. Then as I’m praying I smell my wife’s hot water cornbread. So I reach into my backpack and take a piece of this fresh, still warm bread and take a drink of my water. Then, of course, I dig into the purple hull peas and rice. After eating this food and water, I pull out my Bible and it opens to Psalm 23:1 and I read it out loud. “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” I stop, breath in, and close my eyes again.  I praise my Lord for this great promise. Next I turn to Matthew 11:28-30 and read aloud the words. Reminding me that I no longer have to carry around those heavy burdens but that God wants me to surrender them to Him. As I begin to pray and soak in the cool fresh breeze in the air, I feel God’s Spirit come over me and give me a peace like I have never felt before. I can hear God speaking very softly saying, ‘I love you my child and I am with you. Take my Word and breath it in. Listen to me.’ 

A reminder for us all…What will you do today to encourage someone’s faith?…May God Bless you as you Serve Him…From Your Pastors Heart—Pastor G

 Please share with me your field of grace and some of your favorite promises from God!  Have a great Monday!  


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